World leader in test cells engineering for all engine types

We have more than 60 years of expertise in the field of test cell engineering for aero-engines.

Our test cells centre of excellence specialises in turnkey projects and test cell upgrades for all types of aero-engines (civil turbofans, helicopter and regional aircraft engines, military turbojets and APUs).


Its added value lies in A to Z project management, from design to manufacturing, installation and product service support.


In addition to test cell engineering, we propose three product lines :


  • Data acquisition systems (under the Cyres brand name)
  • Specific engine test equipment: cowlings, bellmouths, nozzles & plugs, turbulence control Screens, boattail, variable fan nozzle (under the Eolines® name)
  • Adapters and thrust stands
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Jérôme Morhet becomes Director of the Safran Test Cells Business Unit


Since June 1, 2020, Jérôme Morhet has been appointed Senior Vice President of the Test Cells Business Unit at Safran Aero Boosters, replacing Jean-Christophe Dalla Toffola.

Jérôme Morhet joined Safran Aero Boosters in 1997. After a few years in the Design Office, he moved on to fulfil various missions in sales and program management. Following his experience as COO of Safran Oil Systems in the United States in 2011, he became Head of Sales and then Head of Operations at Safran Test Cells. In 2015, he was appointed CEO of the American subsidiary of Safran Test Cells. In 2017, he took charge of Strategic Development Projects at Safran Aero Boosters.


  • 200
    projects carried out worldwide
  • 100
    data acquisition and control
    systems in daily operational use
  • 500
    engine adapters in operation
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