Training programs tailored to your needs


We offer our customers a large panel of training courses from specific software training to calibration or maintenance. The courses are composed of a mix of theory, hands-on sessions and exercises to ensure that users can understand, use, troubleshoot and maintain the system in the best manner.


Training certificates and evaluation are supplied at the end of the course. Courses are carried out in our training centers in Europe, USA or Asia or on your own premises, depending on your preferences.


As an example: we offer the following standard training courses :



1. DACS software Basic Training

We provide a basic training course which usually takes 4 days and allows each of the participants to perform hands on sessions. The teacher prepares the appropriate material required for attendees such as presentations, manuals, guides, exercises, evaluation forms and certificates.

2. DACS Advanced Training

An additional 4-day advanced training course is available to allow Engine Test Designers to build configurations from scratch and further advanced troubleshooting abilities.

3. Test cell simulator

We have developed a test cell simulator, a perfect training tool to improve operational efficiency / safety and test-cell availability while also reducing costs. This training tool is now used for operator training at the Safran Aero Boosters test center.

"With our simulator in your facilities, you have a virtual engine in a virtual test cell to provide your team with proper training".




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