Spare parts management


We understand the importance of spare parts management which is necessary to minimize test-cell downtime in case of hardware failure.

Typical spare parts :

  • Critical: components that must be functioning fully to test engines.
  • Recommended: items that are not critical to running an engine test, but are handy to keep in stock to ensure hassle-free operation.
  • Consumables: items that are used up during normal testing processes.

As part of a standard project delivery, we will provide you with our recommended list of spares.

"We can manage your spares on-site or in-house"

Spare parts management

Depending on your geographical location and strategy, we help you decide on the best option:


  • Stock of spares on-site : some parts are either specific to some sites, or necessary for the operation of the test-cell, even for partial operation. In order to reduce down time, we recommend keeping these parts directly on-site
  • Pool of spares : some other parts are either common to many test cells, require periodic calibration, or must be configured by us prior to replacement. In order to limit customer investment in spares and reduce down time, we recommend keeping a pool of spares stored at our offices.
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