Regular, timely, instrument calibration and verification is essential for maintaining consistent test cell accuracy


We offer comprehensive calibration services for the test cell and test equipment. Following delivery of a fully calibrated system, we can be commissioned to provide continuous calibration services both for installed (e.g. temperature, pressure, vibration, frequency) or uninstalled instruments (e.g. load cell, flowmeter, accelerometer).

Our in-house metrology lab and strong partnerships with external labs allow us to propose calibration solutions for all equipment used in aero-engine test-cells worldwide.

The calibration tools used by our specialists are certified and traceable according to a national standard.


Cyres provides advanced calibration features to reduce test-cell downtime

Cyres* software provides:

  • Intuitive and user friendly interface for calibration by the test-bed users.
  • Records of calibration certificates and related equipment in the software database.
  • Remote connection to support the Customer calibration team.

Calibration services can be offered by our offices in Europe, USA and Asia. Our teams have the expertise and flexibility to respond quickly and appropriately to your verification and calibration needs.

"The use of remote devices (e.g. laptop, hand-held devices) to enable calibration by one single operator"

*Cyres : our Data Acquisition and Control System solution.
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