Quick response around the clock, around the world


Our Customer Support Service provides a continuous point of contact. On-call engineers are available in the US, Europe and Asia to ensure 24/7 coverage, and provide technical assistance and troubleshooting in case of problem with a test cell or equipment covered by a support contract.


Support service is given via phone or secured remote VPN connection enabling your systems to be accessed remotely. Hand devices with a video link are also used to allow our specialists see at your facility in real-time.

To optimize resolution time in case of Data Acquisition and Control System questions, the customers DACS environment is maintained to reflect customer's exact configuration. This allows immediate remote simulation and factory validation of any customer inquiries.

Troubleshooting procedures


We have developed troubleshooting procedures and recommendations for resolving problems.

For software, our engineers are able to solve 98% of issues remotely making test cells operational again in very short timeframes. If the engineer cannot resolve the problem remotely, he will provide an estimate of the problem severity, in order to implement the appropriate action plan.

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