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It is the responsibility of our Customer Support to handle the development of corrective actions in the most efficient way for its customers (costs/quality/delay). When remote support is not sufficient, our Field Service Engineers (FSE) will visit the site for complex troubleshooting or on-site repairs.

They are based in Europe, USA and Asia and can visit customers' sites within very tight timeframes to minimize test-cell downtime.

We have developed troubleshooting and repair procedures to support FSEs during on-site interventions. Where necessary, FSEs can be assisted by in-house specialists through audio and video devices.

Also, a tailored pool of spares can be developed to minimize costs and shorten repair time. Such services can be provided as part of a contract with us.


Test Nacelle Equipment repairs

Composite Repair on-site (example)

Most important types of repairs encountered on TNE concern composite and metallic parts, as well as thermal protections.

Our extensive experience has enabled us to build up and develop repair capabilities with validated procedures.


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