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Here are some project we are working on :

"At sea level" test cell

A revolutionary concept by Safran Aero Boosters


For engine tests requiring special environmental conditions, such as ice or hail ingestion tests, cold weather testing, or cross-wind testing, engine manufacturers need to use complex and costly test infrastructure – and do not always have access to it because the facility is already in use for other engine programs, or because the required meteorological conditions are not present. We propose a revolutionary concept where engine manufacturers go find the right weather wherever it is ! This results in a much higher use of their assets, while limiting the investment. 


Having the ability to perform tests on a floating barge brings several benefits :

  • acoustics
- No pollution to and from the nearby environment
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- No noise reverberation – excellent open-air conditions
  • Look for suitable meteorological conditions
- Wind direction
- Temperature
- Icing
  • Endurance & Certification testing
  • Choice of test location
- Open ocean (seek meteorological conditions)
- Shore (proximity with engineers and other resources for on and off site)
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