An extensive portfolio of expertise

We offer our clients - be they engine makers, maintenance and repair centers or government forces – a variety of support and technical consultation services for engine test facilities. These services are provided exclusively by our staff, who combine their expertise with the know-how of high-tech international group, Safran.

Services for test cells and specialized test equipment :

  • Technical consultation : feasibility studies and audits, aero-thermo-acoustics, building design, mechanical structures, fluid systems, electrical systems and instrumentation, software & automation, etc.
  • Test-cell support : maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, calibration, spare parts, trainings, obsolescence management, etc.



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US : +1 651 203 61 00
EU : +32 4 278 80 66
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Available around the clock

Our teams are based at three main sites and have more than 150 specialists working together in test cells. With teams based in three different time zones, we provide round-the-clock availability and high flexibility.




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