World leader in aero-engine test facilities


Safran Aero Boosters offers turnkey test facility projects as well as upgrade solutions and enhanced engine capacity.


We cover the full range of aero-engines, from civil turbofans to helicopter or regional aircraft engines, to military turbojets and APUs (auxiliary power units).

Our clients include the most demanding aero-engine manufacturers (Safran Aircraft Engines, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric or Rolls-Royce), the largest MRO operators, together with airlines and many armed forces and it has completed 200 projects across the entire range of test cells on the market.


It applies its expertise to all engine lifecycle phases, whether engines under development, in production or MRO :


The development cells, which are primarily intended for testing new engines or engine components, can be used to test the technologies, designs and innovative materials developed for the engines of tomorrow.


The production test cells, which focus on rapid testing to improve productivity, enable engine makers to validate the performance levels and correct operation of new engines before they enter service on the aircraft.


With dozens of MRO test cells supplied for a wide range of engines, Safran Aero Boosters is the undisputed leader for this type of cell, which is used to monitor operational engine performance levels.


One of our flagship products : the Cyres data acquisition and control system


Backed by its experience of more than 200 test cells built worldwide, Safran Aero Boosters has developed its own data acquisition and control system called Cyres.


This system includes the hardware and software installations needed to collect the engine parameters and monitor the running of the test. What makes the Cyres product stand out are its reliability (more than 100 DACS systems in operation) and its flexibility (configurable to suit all types of engines and all types of tests).


Our added value lies in its project management from A to Z, whether complete builds from the drawing board up, or adaptations of existing facilities.



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