Safran Aero Boosters, an expert in the manufacture of fan disks for commercial turbofan engines


Safran Aero Boosters has developed expertise in the manufacture and assembly of fan disks, the components placed at the front of low-pressure compressors to which the fan blades are attached.


Safran Aero Boosters is represented across all thrust ranges of commercial aviation engines. Safran Aero Boosters produces fan disks for CFM56, CF34-10, GEnx, GP7200 and GE9X engines.

Innovative industrial process

Disque de soufflante GEnx



Depending on the engine, the fan disks are produced using various manufacturing processes such as broaching and milling, and inertia friction welding will soon be used.

In order to apply this latest technology, which has only been mastered by a small number of companies in the world, Safran Aero Boosters has made a significant investment in machinery capable of welding together the four forged components which make up the fan disk.

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