Enhanced heat exchanger skills


At a time when the aeronautical industry is investing about 70% of Research and Technology spending on making air transport increasingly environmentally-friendly, the next generation of engines will be giving off far more heat than their current counterparts.

One of the challenges will be to optimize management of these rising heat levels, by drawing heat off from where it is generated, reusing as much as possible and dissipating the rest. Techspace Aero was thus chosen by Safran to develop heat recovery solutions using very high-efficiency heat exchangers, with innovative design and manufacturing methods such as topology optimization and 3D printing.

These future exchangers will supplement Techspace Aero's oil equipment product line and will enable it to strengthen its position as world leader in pumps and tanks.

The developments under way include the production of an exchanger prototype, which is one of the many areas of the Aero+ project being carried out within the framework of the Marshall Plan.

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