Test equipment selected on the GE9X


In addition to Techspace Aero's contribution to the GE9X's low-pressure compressor and fan disk, the company has been selected by General Electric to design the primary nozzles and boattails for the development tests of the future B777X engine.

This order will be handled by Cenco International®, which, under the Eolines brand, markets special test equipment such as bellmouths, test covers, primary nozzles and boattails. These products equip the engine, which is placed in a test bench. Their purpose is to guide the air flow before it enters the engine, while it is around the engine and then upon exiting, in order to characterize its performance.

This new contract will further expand Cenco International's product range, adding to a list of references including the CFM56-5B, GEnx and GP7200 engines, and more recently the various versions of CFMI's LEAP engine (1A, 1B and 1C). In total, Cenco International® provides test equipment for twenty different engines.




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